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Part 2 Thesis

Through a lack of connection to water, England has seen its water quality decrease over the last decade, with 100% of British rivers failing quality checks, as there is less care and appreciation for the British waterways. This is no different in Bristol, with the water quality in the harbour at high risk levels of E. coli, there is a disconnection between the water and the public. 

Bristol has had issues with the harbour and the lack of pedestrian accessibility to it over the last few years, with 70 water related incidents in the last two years. The aim of this thesis is to create spaces which connect the community to the harbour, to enable a connection to the water’s edge and create a safe place to interact with it. By purifying the water the aim is to improve water quality of the harbour to align with the cities sustainability goals and allow people to use it for water sports and activities. The thesis will provide spaces for new and innovative methods of water purification such as the implementation of mycelium in mycofiltration. 

Mycelium is the root-like structure of fungi, and will be the main basis of research within the thesis, to educate building materials, structure and form. Using principles of biomimicry design, the project delves into existing mycelium research by Paul Stamets to guide design decisions. Biomimetic architecture is a scientific approach to sustainable design that goes beyond using nature as inspiration for aesthetics but rather deeply studying and applying construction principles that are found in natural environments.

The project will incorporate aspects to improve health and wellbeing, becoming a destination to connect with water and community, providing spaces to encourage mindfulness and wellbeing. The project will have elements for different generations, alongside the Bristol One City Climate Strategy, it will incorporate particular spaces for children, to start a passion in health and wellbeing from a young age. 

Providing areas to educate people on maintaining water quality and the processes which go into improving the water in the Harbour. The connection between the community and the water will extend to the energy sources by using hydro power to create energy for the water treatment facilities. 

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Beyond The Edge

This thesis proposes that access to public outdoor water spaces improves health and wellbeing within the community. 

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