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Aiming to design housing which is sustainable and affordable. The site is situated on the north bank of the River Taff in Llandaff, Cardiff. An area mainly dominated by trees and other natural forms, such as flood risk, meant there were lots of aspects to work around.


A range of different sized homes were to be placed within the site, integrating with one another and creating communal areas for socialisation. A single storey home for a couple, a double storey home for a family of up to 4 and a double storey home with space for an additional module to allow for changing circumstances to adapt a 4 person home into a 6 person home whilst limiting disruption to the existing building.

Having studied the essentials of a home and the areas which are most convenient and necessary within every home, no matter what the size, I decided to create open plan homes which could be personalised and changed by the inhabitants according to their own taste and preferences as everyone is different. By offering this opportunity for change and personalisation the houses can become more homely.

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